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Our Values

The rise of Black Insomnia started with our values. We value getting sh!t done. Putting in work. Empowering others. Being productive, proactive, and persistent. We value helping people become the best version of themselves, the healthy way. Unfortunately, most people resort to artificial energy drinks to get their pick-me-up. We don’t stand for that.

Everyone needs energy to thrive,

but you can't possibly become your best self if you're constantly ingesting a sea of harmful ingredients, calories, and artificial additives.

That seems like self harm to us? We also don’t stand for the gas station and pit stop coffee that’s practically bullsh*t brown water. The caffeine content is arbitrary, the flavour is dull if you’re lucky, and it doesn't give you the boost you need when you need it the most.

Where’s the true power-up that you deserve? Where’s the premium flavour that you desire? There was a major gap in the industry that didn’t align with our values.

Our purpose

Our values gave us a purpose. We do what we do to help you achieve your full potential.

We live to maximise potential for the world. To make lives better, one adventure, one mission, and one coffee at a time. To give an experience to everyone who consumes us. We’re driven by the impact we have on the world. This is what fuels us day by day. For us, the journey is the destination. We feel good about what we do.

And as long as we keep shouting about how we can help maximise potential, we’re doing our part and we’re loving every second of it.
our mission

Our purpose gave us a mission. We were determined to offer something extraordinary to fill the gap in the coffee/energy industry. A product that is the junction of caffeine, flavour, and health.

We act with purpose, so we set out to produce a 100% natural, extremely caffeinated, and powerfully energising coffee that tastes smooth and delicious.

Our founder, Sean Kristafor, put this plan to action. With the help of some remarkable coffee producers and years of research and experimentation, it all came together. In 2016, Black Insomnia was born and debuted in South Africa - the beginning of our journey with you.

THE process

Our brilliant coffee-making process made it possible for us to achieve our mission. It all starts with our bespoke sourcing of beans. We make our coffee using nothing other than the finest and rarest Robusta beans from India and Vietnam.

To get such a uniquely high caffeine content, we have the help of some remarkable coffee producers in regions renowned for highly caffeinated beans and flavours.

Next, it’s how we roast the beans that makes it worth drinking. Using a traditional barrel roaster we’re able to preserve the power and fine-tune the flavour in our coffee. This means we have to roast in smaller batches - an extremely precise, meticulous, and time-tested method.

This allows us to maximise our results and squeeze the astonishing 1105mg of caffeine into every 12  fl. Oz. cup.

And that’s all there is to it. 100% pure, unadulterated, and insanely CAFFEINATED coffee that’s made with love, passion, integrity, and absolutely no harmful additives.
The magic

Strong, natural, AND delicious? We’ve managed to produce an all-natural, highly caffeinated coffee without compromising an amazing flavour. With caramel,

hazelnut, and macadamia aromas on top of a luxurious dark chocolate flavour - extreme caffeine has never tasted this good. That’s the magic of Black Insomnia. The precision of the roasting process means you get all the flavour and caffeine without any bitterness or burn. When we say our coffee is insanely strong, we’re always talking about caffeine content and never strength of flavour. The result?

A powerfully energising coffee that tastes smooth and rich, not harsh and bitter like most do. Now, when you taste the world-class flavour of Black Insomnia, you’ll know what goes behind it.
OUR impact

The impact that our coffee has on you is what makes every part of the process worth it. We make our impact by helping you get sh!t done with maximum energy, the natural and delicious way. Our coffee enables productivity and health. This brings people closer to reaching their full potential every day.

We are performance enhancing. We make lives better by maximising potential with 100% natural energy. Get inspired and find out how Black Insomnia has impacted the lives of some legends.
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Our team

Our team is the heart of our business - a remarkable group of people fuelled by passion, determination, and of course, extreme caffeine. Our values brought us together. Our capabilities, ambition, and maximum energy levels brought about all our achievements to date.

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who we are and how we use our talents, expertise, and extra energy to get sh!t done and make this all work.
Our partners

Every single partnership that we’ve formed has been an essential part of our brand and growth. Our resellers, brand ambassadors, and the legends of influencers that we work with make up a huge part of who we are. Our partner network is special to us and continuously brings us closer to our goal of maximising potential for the world.

If you believe in Black Insomnia and think partnering up would add value to all sides of the equatioN
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Our hero gave us our values, purpose, and mission. Our hero is the reason we exist. We do this all for you, our hero. We want to help you, if only for a needed moment. We make you the hero of your own story. We help you get things done for a better life.

Now you can reach your full potential without sacrificing your health. Now you can be your best self. A new, better, stronger, and healthier you.