Discover Black Insomnia

The Brand Story

Once upon a time...

A group of kick-ass individuals came together to make a difference for the world. A few things bothered them to the core. And they sure as hell aren't the type to sit around not doing anything about it, so they got straight to action. 


Excuse mongers. Slackers. Tiredness getting in the way of productivity. Decaf coffee. The bitter brown water found at pit-stops. They don’t stand for any of this. And they certainly don’t stand for the crap found in popular energy drinks. Because you can't possibly become the best version of yourself if you're constantly ingesting a sea of harmful ingredients, calories, and artificial additives. It’s far too severe of a trade off. 


What they do stand for is putting in work, fighting for what you want the most, inspiring others, getting sh!t done, and doing this the natural and healthy way. They had a huge mission to take on. They were determined to maximise potential for the world - the healthy and delicious way. 


This group is now called Black Insomnia, and this is our story. We knew what you needed and we knew how to help you. So we made it happen. 


Why? Because we act with purpose. And helping you is our purpose. You know there is a better self and you’re ready for some guidance. You know destiny awaits. But where is the damn hyper-focus?


This is where our stories intersect. In your story, we are the Guru. The motivator. Our elixir, the magic. We do Caffeine, We are caffeine. Caffeine is our blood type. We own caffeine. Unashamedly caffeinated. 


Caffeine is our core. Flavour is our bastion. Health is our underpinning. This makes us the all-natural alternative to energy drinks. Now it’s possible for you to achieve your maximum energy output without harming your body. Now you can GET SH!T DONE deliciously and naturally to achieve your full potential. 


How does our story end? You’re the hero in our story, so that’s up to you to decide. But we’ll know we’ve done our part when we Maximise Potential For The World. That’s our happy ending.