Maximize your potential with Extreme Caffeine, Maximum Energy.

ONE of The Strongest
coffeeS in the world

Unlock your full potential with Extreme Caffeine, Maximum Energy.
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Lab tests confirm Black Insomnia Coffee has 1105 mg of Caffeine per 12 fl. Oz cup. That's 4 x more caffeine than your average cup of coffee.
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Tastes SO F*cking

Smooth and rich tastes of caramel, hazelnut, and macadamia aromas on top of a luxurious dark chocolate flavour. All thanks to our bespoke sourcing of Robusta beans that are carefully small batch drum roasted to perfection.
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ALL NATURAL NO additives

Black Insomnia coffee is made with love, passion, integrity, and absolutely no freaky nootropics or other strange additives. 100% pure, unadulterated, and insanely strong coffee.
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We do what we do because it helps like-minded individuals achieve their full potential. We make lives better - one adventure, one mission at a time. We're an extremely passionate, motivated, and determined team that’s driven by the impact we have on the world. We live to give an experience to everyone who consumes us. This is what fuels us day by day.
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All natural


Black Insomnia Extreme Caffeine is the all natural alternative to energy drinks, made with absolutely no freaky nootropics, frills, chemicals, preservatives, or other strange additives.

100% pure, unadulterated, and insanely strong coffee. We bridge the gap between wanting to Get Sh!t Done with maximum energy and not wanting to harm your body. Just as convenient as energy drinks, yet far healthier, tastier, and more effective.


additives, frills, nootropics, and words we can't pronounce



no calories

but full of energy


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Arnold Allen - Professional Mixed Martial Artist
”I use the Black Insomnia ground coffee everyday in my percolator, first thing in the morning and before workouts.”
Ben C - Cyclist
“The ground coffee works really well, particularly in a press, nice finite grain, well balanced with a strong but smooth taste and just the right balance, plus it gives me a serious boost for when I’m about to jump on the bike, once I’m on I’m absolutely flying.”
Beth Kemmish - Jump Rope Enthusiast
“The coffee is great! I found the blend really smooth and strong but not bitter. I Would 100% recommend it. And not to mention the size! It's perfect to keep me going and gives a great boost before workouts.”
Courtney - Online Fitness & Lifestyle Coach
“Whether you’re working long days, clocking in that night shift, or just in need of a general pick me up, Black Insomnia Coffee is the one for you!"
Fraer Morrow - British Weightlifting Champ
“Black Insomnia’s ground coffee is my go-to, especially in the morning to get me out of bed and ready for the day! The taste isn’t like other strong coffees and it doesn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth either; it’s perfectly smooth and makes me feel happy and excited to start my day.”
Jason Croxon - CrossFitter, Podcaster, & Entrepreneur
“It shocked me how nice this coffee tastes. It's the fact that it's not just a strong coffee, but it's a really pleasant coffee experience. And I rely on coffee because, unlike most people who do CrossFit or other sports, I just can't get on board with energy drinks. It's coffee or nothing. So it was finding a great-tasting coffee with the added bonus of giving me a boost - that was a win for me.”
Joe Taylor - CrossFitter
“I would say that the rich and smooth tasting roast coffee is one of the best I have tasted in recent times. You just have to make sure your caffeine tolerance levels can handle it at the time you have it or you are not sleeping that night :)”
Josh Summersgill - Fully Certified British Weightlifting Coach
“If cold brew is your thing, I definitely recommend giving it a try. It tastes quite smooth, there’s a little bit of dark chocolate, a little bit of caramel in there. Overall, tastes really nice. There’s about 210mg of caffeine in it as well so it will give you a nice kick, especially if you take it as a pre-workout which is good.”
Liam McGeary - MMA Fighter & Light Heavyweight World Champion
“Those pour-over bags are perfect - they’re my favourite of the Black Insomnia products just purely out of ease.”
Liza Mace - Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach
“Sleeping is cheating and I couldn’t agree more when it comes to packing and 6am flights! Thank you Black Insomnia Coffee for keeping me awake with this strong and delicious coffee.”
Mia Kaukolahti - CrossFit Enthusiast & Online Coach
“I had the cold brew before my training session and it definitely gave me the extra boost I needed, I felt so alert and ready for it. I would 100% recommend Black Insomnia cold brew!”
Stewart Kerr - Running Enthusiast
“Grabbing one of these cold brews out of the fridge and downing it this morning definitely woke me up and gave me that extra energy push to run. The nutty/chocolatey flavour was lovely - Highly recommend this for all coffee lovers.”
Truest Fitness - Health & Wellness Company
“Feeling Strong after receiving Black Insomnia coffee This. Coffee. Is. Insane!!!”